Myfanwy (first name rhymes with "Tiffany") Alice Thomas is the protagonist in Daniel O’Malley's novel The Rook.

The name Myfanwy Thomas is used by two characters.

  1. Myfanwy Thomas before her memories and personality were destroyed, effectively before she was killed. This character is referred to as "Thomas" in the novel and on this wiki.
  2. The new Myfanwy Thomas, who woke in the same body at the beginning of the story but as a new person. This character is referred to as "Myfanwy" in the novel and on this wiki.

Background Edit

Thomas was recruited into the Checquy as a young child because of her powers. Thomas grew up in the organization and rose to the rank of Rook. She was shy and unassertive but an excellent administrator.

Shortly before the events described in the novel Thomas became aware that her memory and personality would be erased and that a new personality would wake up in her body; she even knew some of the circumstances of that awakening. She meticulously prepared for this with letters to help the new personality, a fairly comprehensive book describing her life, role and the other people within The Rookery, money, clothes, and other resources.

Myfanwy awoke as a very different character.

Differences Between Thomas and Myfanwy Edit

  • Myfanwy take cream and sugar in her coffee, Thomas did not
  • Thomas was shy and introverted, Myfanwy is confident and assertive
  • Thomas hated her powers, Myfanwy does not

Trivia Edit

  • Myfanwy is allergic to bee stings, this fact was also known to Thomas.
  • She has a scar on her inner left thigh from Thomas falling out of a tree when she was a child.

References Edit

  1. Anne Ryan is the identity created for Myfanway by Thomas, to be used if she decided not to take up Myfanwy's life when she woke with no memories
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